ian shearer

ian is a qualified chartered accountant with 30 years industry experience. in that time he has operated as cfo, ceo, non executive director and chairman of a wide range of companies. in his career ian has conducted every type of equity transaction possible including working on the buy side, working on the sell side, mbos, mbis, fundraisings etc. in 2005 ian was a founder of lecayla technologies which was the first saas company in ireland and which ian subsequently successfully sold to opsource inc (now a division of ntt docomo).


ian is currently non-executive chairman of a number of cutting edge technology companies including a subsidiary of aplix inc (japanese public company). in addition ian is founder and chairman of bloom equity which has quickly become irelands leading investment syndicate for technology companies.


ian joined atlanta in 2006 and has successfully led a large number of transactions within atlanta. ian has a good understanding of most technologies but has particularly strong understanding of the newer technologies such as saas, cloud, social media and mobile. indeed a number of the transactions ian has led have been in these newer technologies.  


geoff seabrook has an extensive background in corporate development and mergers and acquisition, gained while working for major american it companies. successful projects he has led include the acquisition of the unix business by sco from novell and the later sale of sco unix business to caldera. he also envisioned and led the acquisitions of visionware and ixi, and the subsequent merging together to create tarantella, which has now grown to be the world leader in enabling remote access to corporate applications.


geoff started his career as an engineer, during which time he developed the technology for the first computer controlled sports stadium scoreboards. he started and then sold his own company during this period. he spent eleven years with memorex, including periods as the vice president of marketing and vice president of strategy. it was during this time that he moved to silicon valley, where he has spent much of the past 20 years.


most recently geoff has spent thirteen years with sco / tarantella where he has been responsible for corporate strategy and mergers and acquisitions. during his time at sco the company completed a successful ipo and grew to be the undisputed leader in its market. while at sco, he took two breaks from the corporate development role, once to run the european operations and once to run the asia/pacific region for sco.

neil robinson

neil has over 25 years managerial experience both in government and in multinational it corporations. he has worked closely with organisations in manufacturing, transportation, finance, government and academic environments ensuring that their technology decisions were aligned with their business and strategic directions. as general manager, asia pacific for a us software company he expanded their reach into the rapidly growing technology markets of the region.


in the early 1990's he established a consulting firm to deliver leading edge organisational analysis and development services to organisations in both public and private sectors. neil holds a post-graduate degree in accounting from flinders university of south australia.